podcast cover "The Curious Leader" meaningful conversations on the humble a dhuman way of new leadership

Podcast in English: The Curious Leader

Meaningful conversations exploring the humble and human way of New Leadership

It is a humble way with impact. Creating your culture means cultivating people, teams and communication, along with adapting frameworks and principles how to work together.
The Curious Leader´s podcast takes you on to meaningful conversations. My guests and I, we reflect and exchange on New Leadership, the importance of trust, courage and curiosity, on future skills farming such as developing the art of listening and how to create a culture for creativity and innovation. And as sometimes it is far better to listen to good music than more good advice, each podcast ends with one selected piece of music.
My name is Karola Sakotnik. I am your host, a keynote speaker, facilitator, coach, trainer and also author and performing artist. I work with Leaders of all areas to improve their impact, support them in creating new cultures and new leadership styles.

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