Purposeful Leadership

Purposeful Leadership – what it takes today

Berangere is Life Coach, specialised in Yoga for Business and Leadership

Karola is Culture Coach, focussing on Culture in Organisations and Leadership

One Hour to reconnect with Yourself

Together they open their room to offer one hour of calming down, being in the moment and reflect on all the overwhelming things that approach us every day.

The Date

Our first appointment is on April 8th, 2022 at 2pm, online

The Content

What will be awaiting you:

  1. A small group of maximum 12 screens
  2. Yoga for screenworkers
  3. Meditation to settle in
  4. Facilitated exchange on a single topic, related to life and/or culture

Keeping the space safe

Please register for the event with your email – it is free of cost – as registering ensures a safe space with every one participating accountable for keeping it protected.

register here

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