kultursalon #15 | It´s All About People and Culture

Understanding what makes us humans tick: We grow with a positive leadership culture

It’s not about extra work, it’s about being smart. Take the time to stop, think, feel and reflect. It’s about making you more competent, more capable and more successful through conscious action. Simply a positive Leadership that creates a culture to do so!

John Ireland

If an organisation wants to activate the people in its team to achieve sustainable good performance, it must understand what makes us humans tick. It needs a leadership culture.

„We humans are wired to see risks. To be sustainably motivated, we need a sense of connection, the basis to feel safe – what is this atmosphere like in which people work well? We discuss what role courage, confidence, trust, but also listening and creativity have for a positive culture in areas where people work together. A short conclusion: it’s not only about daring to think in new ways, but above all about creating the desire to do so. „

John Ireland

John is an organisational psychologist with a background as a high level amateur team athlete.

Your take aways from this podcast episode

A positive leadership culture is central to ensuring that this thinking is welcome, what happens so that thinking can happen. Inquire, be curious. As an organisation, if you want to develop, it is important to create an environment to allow thinking and reflection.

In bullet points:

  • The courage to tackle the current challenge and to master it successfully
  • What value disruption has for innovation when you enjoy it and have the space for it to think and reflect
  • Awareness of how essential positive leadership and culture are for sustainable success.
  • What role creativity, listening, reflection, courage, confidence, and trust as well as vulnerability and openness have in this cultural process
  • How to establish their version of positive culture in their organisation
  • What role good accompaniment plays for the people doing the work
    This interview was conducted in English, if desired please download the transcript in German.


Gelber Muskateller by Sigrid Sorger from Tieschen/AT


• Karola Sakotnik, Jan Hirte, Live recording: Why don’t you do right
• Maja Jaku: Everybody Loves the Sunshine
• Wave Music: Strandperlen #3
• Wave Music: Strandperlen #5
• Maja Jaku: What´s going on
• Karola Sakotnik, Jan Hirte, Live recording: Smile

Learn more about

Karola Sakotnik: www.mutig-menschsein.at
John Ireland: www.john-ireland.eu
Sigrid Sorger: www.weinhof-sorger.at

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